Bacon, Sausage, Scrapple 
or Turkey Bacon                        2.99

Pancake or French Toast
(1)   2.79

Sausage Gravy or 
Cream Chipped Beef               2.99

(1)                                          1.79

Shredded Home Fries             2.49

Toast, Biscuit or 
English Muffin                            1.99 

(unlimited)                      2.79

Juice                                             2.79
(orange, apple, cranberry, grapefruit)

OUR Menu

Western                                            7.99
Ham, American cheese, 
onion, peppers

Veggie                                              7.99
Onions, mushrooms, peppers, 
and American cheese 

Meatlovers                                     8.49
Sausage, bacon, ham, 
cheddar cheese

Chopped Steak & Eggs                9.99
Sautéed onions, 2 eggs,
shredded home fries and toast 

Strip Steak & Eggs                       12.99
2 eggs, shredded home fries 
and toast 

Country Fried Chicken                 9.49
2 eggs, chicken with sausage 
gravy, shredded home fries, 
and toast

Creamed Chipped Beef               7.29
Toast or biscuit with shredded 
home fries

Chicken & Waffles                        8.49

Belgian Waffle                              8.29

Choice of meat

Biscuits & Gravy                            7.29
Shredded home fries


Made with 3 eggs, served with shredded home fries and toast. 
Substitute egg whites for 1.79


Open Everyday of the Week 


120 Mitchell's Chance Road

Edgewater, MD 21037

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Spinach ‘n’ Mushroom                7.49 
Mozzarella cheese

Avocado & Bacon                         7.99 
Pepper Jack cheese, 
topped with pico de gallo

CREATE UR OWN                         7.79 
Choose any cheese and 
any 2 extras 
additional extras ($.99 ea)


Breakfast BLT                             5.49
Bacon, egg, cheese, 
lettuce, tomato

Avocado & Egg                           6.49
Pepper Jack and spinach on 
English muffin

Meat, Egg, & Cheese               5.49
Choice of bacon, 
sausage, or scrapple 

Southwest Burrito                    7.99
Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, sausage, pico de gallo with shredded home fries


Egg Platter                                       7.99
2 eggs, choice of meat, shredded 
home fries and toast 

Pancakes                                         7.49
3 pancakes with choice of meat  
Add chocolate chips or blueberries 75₵ each

French Toast                                   7.99
4 pieces with choice of meat 

Combo Platter                                9.99
2 eggs, 2 pancakes, choice of meat 
and shredded home fries 

Avocado Toast                                7.99
2 eggs with avocado on wheat 
toast and tomato slices

Breakfast Bowl                                7.79
Crispy tater tots, 2 eggs, choice of meat, cheddar cheese, and toast

Sloppy Breakfast Bowl                  7.99
Crispy tater tots, sausage gravy, 
2 eggs, and biscuit